Must Have Rentals for a Wedding

On average, a wedding costs up to $35,000. Not only are weddings expensive, but they are also massive time consumers as well. These wedding expenses can add up quickly, putting a huge burden on the pocket book of whoever is covering the cost; additionally, there are so many moving parts to a wedding that it can be easy to forget to purchase or rent everything you need for the ceremony, cocktail party and reception. The following guide provides key equipment to rent for your wedding to alleviate some of the stress and financial burden.

Tables and Chairs

For a ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception alike, tables and chairs are important to accommodate all of your guests. Depending on your wedding venue, chairs can be used for the ceremony and then quickly rearranged for the reception as well. Likewise, tables can be used for both the cocktail hour and the reception. 

Make sure to rent enough tables and chairs for all of your needs—include tables in your count for presents, food and other decorative measures throughout the wedding in addition to seating for your guests. Also make sure to include enough chairs on your list for performers and other people who might be helping with the wedding.


Accommodating a large group of guests requires a lot of dishware including plates, glasses, silverware, and serving dishes to start. Getting your hands on enough equipment of that nature is a challenge if you are not working with a rental service. Additionally, to own or purchase that much dishware would cost an astounding amount of money. An easy alternative to the solution is renting all of the dishes needed for your wedding. Doing so will also give you the option to choose what types of dishware you want for your special day.

Ceremony Decorations

The location of your ceremony may require a variety of decorations to fill the space or match the theme of your wedding. The first thing to consider is whether or not your ceremony requires a tent. If either your ceremony or reception are outdoors, renting a tent may be a safe bet to protect against intense weather conditions. However, there are more things to consider than just a tent; do you want an arch to stand under for the ceremony? Does your dream wedding include an elaborate backdrop? Do you want a table for the altar or decor to cover the back of the chairs at your wedding? Most of the items you may want for decorations can easily be rented to save you money. Here’s a list of additional items to rent for your ceremony if needed.

Cocktail Hour & Reception Decor

Whether or not your reception and cocktail party are happening at the same venue as your wedding, it is likely that your wedding requires additional decorations for one or both of these parties. If you want specific signage for either or both parties, photo displays, or specific lighting features, these are all going to be cheaper overall if rented rather than purchased. Below are some additional ideas of equipment you might rent for your after parties.

Choose the Right Vendor for Your Wedding

Now comes the fun part—where are you going to rent all of this equipment? Eventbutiq is an online vendor which allows access to every wedding vendor in your city; browse the selection and pick out whatever you want to rent from however many vendors you like. Eventbutiq will manage the delivery of everything you rent, regardless of how many places you order from. Make your dream day come to life.