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15% commission on every successful rental booking we bring you

When we bring you an order, simply send us an invoice to pay you with a 15% item discount.

We handle all customer support- from getting you bookings to handling damage claims
Your items,Your policies - Retain your current rental policies
No credit card or payment information needed during registration

Vendor Partners- Why EventButiq?

  • Customer Acquisition - EventButiq directly matches you with customers based on their search filters and location so you can focus on the service offering.
  • Credentialed Vendor Storefront - Vendors are provided with an online storefront where you can showcase rental listings.
  • Flexibility and Control - Vendors can edit listings and preferences on EventButiq anytime. When you get rental bookings, you decide if you want to accept or reject the request.
  • Friction-less Invoicing Process - Our vendors retain existing rental policies. When we bring you a rental order, you invoice us and we pay you. As simple as that.
  • Customer Support and Dispute Resolution - EventButiq takes care of all customer support and arbitrates any post-event damage claims.
  • Use power packed tools - EventButiq provides vendors with several powerful tools like the 'Rent-a-look' Photo tool , 'Virtual table mock-up' tool and the 'Replace-ma-thing' tool.
    • 'Rent-a-look' Photo tool - Customers can simply click on items in your event photos or styled photo shoots, to navigate to rental item listings.
    • 'Virtual table mock-up' tool - Customers can drag and drop linen and tableware options available in your store to create a virtual mock-up of their table arrangements.
    • 'Replace-ma-thing' tool - When items are not available on requested date, vendors can suggest replacement options helping you keep the order.
Launching Summer 2020


Onboarding as a Vendor Partner

Easy On-boarding - If you are a vendor with more than 30 items in your inventory, we assign a dedicated 'Inventory Specialist' to visit your warehouse and upload all your listings onto our website so you have one less thing to do. If you do not have professional quality pictures of certain inventory, we will be happy to send a professional photographer, FREE of charge, to take photos. Just email us and let us know you are interested in partnering with us and we will get in touch with you! For partners with less than 30 items, we provide an easy platform for you to upload your items yourselves!

Pricing - No customers - no cost for you! We only take a 15% commission on sales that we bring you. No credit card or any upfront payment needed during registration!


We’ve got you covered

We take care of all the pre and post-event customer support.If you have an issue with the condition of returned item, we file a damage claim on your behalf and provide arbitration if needed. We will also constantly be in touch with you in the days leading up to the event that way nothing is missed out! So, relax and leave the stress to us. We have your back and we are here to bring you more business.

Event Rental made easier

Launching Summer 2020

Not an event rental company? No Problem! Are you an event professional with items you can rent out?

Do you have inventory in storage or in your garage that you could rent out to events and make some extra money?

*Event Professionals should have been in business for more than 2 years with a valid website or social media page.

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Vendor On-boarding in California ends July 15 2020. Spread the word!

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Launching Summer 2020